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Name: Naso Shemetras

I have been working with Debbie on One to one basis nearly 4 years now and although I offer my help to her, to progress physically and emotionally I have learned so much from her too. She is a wonderful lady that I wish other people use as an example and inspiration. It will help them achieve so much in their lives and move away from this dark hole – depression – that can very easily take over their entire life. Life can be interesting and challenging only if you really want it to be. Life is what we make it to be. So take her example and you will not regret it.

Thank you Debbie for all the things I learned with you.



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13 thoughts on “Contact, Comments & Suggestions

  1. I already have the same knee as your running leg, but I find the biggest pain a part from being tired so easily from running is the top of the socket repeatedly hitting my inner thigh muscle. Do you have any issue with this?

    • Hi James,
      Apologies for incredibly late reply but for some reason I have not been getting notifications of comments to my site.
      I do not get the same problem as you but I do have repeated skin breakdown and rubbing/blistering/bruising where the top of my socket comes in to contact with my skin, it’s got worse the further I run. Your problem sounds like a socket fit issue, but by now you have probably got it sorted – I hope.

  2. You are an inspiration, what a journey! Not to be superlative, but your never give into pain, and never quit attitude is a prime example of human spirit. Thank you so much for sharing your story

  3. Thank you so much for telling your story publicly. I was badly injured this year, and told by my medical team not to expect to run again. You inspire me so much. I may not be able to do what I used to do, but reading your experience gives me hope.

  4. Dear Debbie-Amputee Runner,
    Your site is wonderful! my sincere praises for the initiative. You have described -stepwise- the processes you went through so all of us can relate to them and begin! The videos and pics are really very illustrative and helpful. Well done!
    I have sent the following to Jullian and am copying it to you too. Will be grateful for your time to reply me.

    I am 63, through knee amputee (L) of over 33 years. Haven’t run since! A bit over weight at 85 kilos for a height of 6 ft 10.
    I have been going through my running paces for the past month with reasonable success on my semi-blade foot and would like to graduate to a full blade in the next month or two. I usually do 4 to 6 km a day – all at the one time, and have been managing from between 3 to 4 km of it on a kind of a run, meaning the toe is off the ground before the heel of the forward foot touches down. It really is just a jogging motion- much more tiring-and slower- than if I walk the same distance, but it is great to feel I am jogging! I feel a dull pain in my (good limb) hip joint, which persists all the time for a few days that I do not jog before receding. Is it my hip joint? I really want to go to the next level.
    Will be really grateful for any time you spare to write back.
    I was in Southampton in 1984 to buy a yacht for my yacht club and sail it to Mumbai, before we sailed round the world-on my one leg, between 1985-87. My website is:

    My best wishes

    • Hi AK,
      Really sorry for not getting back to you sooner but had not been aware of yours and other replies as had not received any notifications. I hopethings are getting better for you. You seem to do be doing a good distance – I am not really sure what a semi=blade foot is but hope you have progressed to a full blade . I am not sure what the pain is you are experiencing is – I don’t get it myself, but i would recommend other forms of exercise as well as running as well as using the gym to strengthen the rest of your body. It really is all about technique and having a good core strength to be a successful above-knee amputee runner. A strong ‘good ‘leg is also extremely important as it does a lot more than a 2-legged runner’s would. I would recommend seeing a physio if the hip pain continues – they have been so important in my ‘journey’. Good luck and well done for getting as far as you have. It’s not easy.

  5. Just read your whole story and I found it to be amazing. I’m a new amputee ex NFL player. I live in the United States Your story inspired me to try and start running again and truly do thing that’s never been done before on a prosthetic leg. I still have my first walking prosthetic and only prosthetic that I’ve ever had. I’ve been trying to get a new sports leg because the one that I have is barely useful to walk on it let alone run. my insurance won’t cover a new sports leg even though I’ve provided all the correct paper work to tell them why I need a new sports leg and they still deny me. I just want to be able to run again or even jog. Anything to make me feel normal again. I guess they just don’t understand. I know I live in the United States New York to be exact. But is anyone out there that can help. I need a leg or Atleast tell me what kind I need. I need a trainer and I need someone to teach me how to run and be there for when I’m about to fall. Please help !!!!! Is someone out there ??????? Thank you so much.

    • Hi jimmy,
      sorry about the delay in replying, but I did not receive notifications about these comments.
      I can imagine your frustration at not being able to do what you feel you can do, or at least have the opportunity to try. The system in the UK is different from the US so I don’t really know how I can advise you regarding your leg. I would say to keep trying and ion the meantime try to get yourself a running coach, preferably one who has had experience with disability sport. That would give you a taste of what it is like to run with a prosthesis. It is how I started and would always recommend learning on your walking leg first although some adjustments may be needed on the knee joint. I truly hope that if you have not got further towards your goal since October then it will be soon. Best wishes.

  6. I have being amputee for 28 years and i never enjoy my life outside in the nature My dream is to do something different with a prosthesis to get back my confidence in myself I love running love dancing walking on the beach…..Desperate

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I don’t know in which part of the world you live but i would recommend you speak to you prothetist about what you want to do and how it can be achieved. There is always something to try whether on a prosthetic leg or crutches. Before I learnt to run I took part in a 5k charity run and did it on one leg and crutches. I eve trained for the distance and felt so good about myself when I completed the race, because i’d set myself that goal , worked for it and achieved it. I would also say to find a trainer in whatever you want to try so that you can be taught correct technique. Take it slowly and don’t expect results overnight. You can do anything if you work at it and don’t give up. In October I ran my first 10k and it’s taken a good 8 years since I started running to be able to do this and the length of time to get here as made it more of an achievement. Good luck.x

  7. Hi Debbie,
    fantastic page! Since many years my dream is to finish a triathlon. But I never tried. Swimming and riding a bike is fine for me. But running? To finish a triathlon I need to run at least 2.5K. And running a distance like that with only one leg is really a hard job. Your page is really informative. Thanks a lot for all this detailed information how you start running step by step. And especially how you improved your running technic. I will try.
    Best wishes

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