First Steps

I went to the gym to rebuild my strength.  I had after all, been lying in hospital for nearly six weeks, eleven days of that on life support.  I was helped by Naso Shemetras, my personal trainer and good friend.


I then learned to walk and turned my thoughts to running.

The most important bit of advice was given to me by Martin Tweedie.

He told me to ‘jump’ from my good leg to my day-to-day prosthetic leg to gain trust in the prosthetic limb. It was important to have ‘airtime’, a moment when both feet leave the ground, as that is what running requires. It also helped build up strength and resistance in my stump.


Photo – Brian Westmore

As I got more confident , I ‘jumped’ a little further and further and then started to take more than one step.

I did this at home and ‘jumped’ towards a wall so that I had something to stop me.

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